Stan Rubin

Borrowed Memories, 2009. Photomontage. Liz Huston.

I Know Everything


I know the way the planets revolve

when I project the sky map


on the ceiling of the room

we used to share


and how our cat still roams shadows as if

she is the true owner of space.


Cassiopeia looks like the center of the universe,

but I know she isn’t.


I know her husband was once a King

and they’re the only couple amid the constellations.


They chained their lovely daughter to a rock,

but the gods were not appeased.


I know that it requires

more cunning than I have


to coax the blind cat

from under the bed.


I know a fistful of stars can’t buy

a dime’s worth of happiness.


I know the gods are never satisfied

though they take what they want.


If I don’t know everything,

what is there to know?